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Donate to the Cause

This year STONEarch has put together a corporate team to participate in raising money and supporting WWF. The World Wildlife Fund’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s environment. The WWF uses the raised money towards harmonizing Arctic, oceans, freshwater, people and wildlife. Help team STONEarch reach our fundraising goal by clicking here and donating towards the cause. Your donations will not only help us raising funds but will also encourage STONEarch team to stay committed to the cause.

STONEarch; Why We’re Climbing

The STONEarch team has taken the initiative this year and is committed to participate and contribute towards the cause in years to come. The CN Tower Climb for Nature will generate awareness towards the preservation of our precious and beautiful environment. This event provides an opportunity for us to reach new heights, all the while supporting conservation work in Canada and across the world. Climbing the CN Tower is just one way to raise funds towards preventing the decline of our world’s many species; from protecting the mighty polar bear in the Arctic, to the vital capelin in Atlantic Canada and magnificent killer whales off the West Coast. Our support will help WWF rebuild healthy freshwater systems and marine ecosystems. This will also support ecologically sound future of the Arctic, and resilient communities that enhance nature. This is our first initiative and we are committed to contribute toward the cause in many more ways. Our commitment towards the conservation of nature is set in stone.



Written by Kelsey Adley