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2019 Latest Trends in Landscape Design

The time has come to take back the backyard with new and improved landscape designs as summer waits on the horizon and barbequing season comes full swing. Now landscape design can be interpreted at many levels – macro, meso, and micro. While macro landscape design is for a more industrial-scale application, meso and micro express a contained articulation that can be applied in home and commercial gardens. It’s here that landscape design gets to test its boundaries in both creativity and innovation. From the use of landscaping stones to a tailored selection of plants, there is a lot to be considered. Some of the best landscape design ideas are derived from a combination of artistic liberty and well-defined spatial parameters. In this collected list we’ll be taking a look at some of the latest trends in this genre that you can easily apply on both meso and micro level to breathe new life into your backyard:

1. Poolside Hardscaping

Many suburban homes these days have a pool in the backyard. While it’s an enjoyable and useful design element, you could add further embellishments to unleash its true ornamental potential. This is why poolside hardscaping has become such a hot trend. It can be articulated in the form of natural stone-clad boundaries at one end of the pool with the potential to be re-purposed into sunny sitting areas or poolside planter beds. It can also be emulated in the form of feature-length stone-clad decking where lounging chairs can be placed for tanning in the summertime. These landscaping stones are perfect for enhancing the natural appeal of an outdoor space. Poolside hardscaping is definitely one of the best landscape design ideas you can go for to take your pool to the next level.

2. Small-Style Meandering Pavers

One of the most timeless and classic landscape design trends that is sure to remain popular in the foreseeable future is gently meandering pathways. These are quite often found in most carefully designed gardens. The pavers and landscaping stones used in them are stylishly pitted and arranged in a way that feels like a personal trail guiding you to areas of interest. Sometimes the hardscaping is interspersed with small amounts of grass, while other times the grass quantifies the pavers. It all depends on the kind of aesthetic you’re creating. A good landscape stone supplier can provide you with a cache of great choices in this genre to make the most out of this design.

3. Outdoor Barbecue Counters

Outdoor kitchen islands are one of the most popular trends in the world. It’s a design element that makes a statement in both large and small gardens. Creating an outdoor kitchen space could make your backyard events the highlight of the summer as they add an element of organization and inclusion for family and guests. The best part is that it can be scaled according to the size and style of your garden design. It’s one of the best landscape design ideas in the book, and can even add a rugged appeal to the overall outdoor space when you choose to clad it with natural stone alternatives such as walling stones and veneers. You can consult your local landscaping stone supplier on which finish better suits your desired outdoor atmosphere.

4. An Outdoor Fireplace

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Outdoor fireplaces are an absolute necessity for both small and large garden patios. They not only provide a great center and focal point for outdoor seating areas, but are one of the trendiest landscape design ideas that you can choose. Additionally, there are a lot of ways to craft these fireplaces to fit your patio size and layout. Some people erect a round/square landscaping stone periphery around a pit that is later filled in with logs and cinder. Others prefer a more contemporary take on this venture by going for a conventional mantle-and-chimney fireplace on the feature wall of their landscaped gardens. These are usually built and finished in gorgeous stones, all the better to fit in with the natural environment while equally standing out in elegance. Your landscaping stone supplier can better guide you while making a choice between the two.

5. Stone Flower Bed Periphery

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Flower beds are a landscape essential, and one of the best ways to keep them neatly organized in their zone is by erecting a boundary around them. It’s not only functional and highly pragmatic, but also incredibly trendy. Some of the best landscape design ideas include getting creative with the stones used in these flower bed peripheries. Cobblestones give off a quaint and charming aura, flagstones emulate a rugged appeal, and copings give off a stunning finish to the flowerbeds overall. You can easily match the colour scheme of your backyard landscape design to bring the whole space together in gorgeous unity.

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