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Global Arch is Re-branding to STONEarch!

December 13, 2017
Global Arch Inc is the supplier of “premium landscaping stones”. To celebrate it’s 15 plus years in business, Global Arch Inc is rebranding to STONEarch. Global Arch’s core values, commitment to quality, and exceptional service will be unchanged. The new brand – STONEarch – is launched with a brand new logo, new presence, and a […]
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Re-branding FAQ

December 7, 2017
Hello! The STONEarch team have decided to put together a FAQ regarding our recent re-branding efforts. Q: Has there a change in ownership? And is the old team still there? A: There has been no change in ownership, and the same team of people that have helped you over the past 15 years are still […]
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