Buff has natural color variation in hues of yellow, gray, orange and green. This range of colors allows for unique, random patterns to emerge within each project while maintaining a unified overall look. Buff stone is a popular choice for high-end homes as the color is neutral and it is complementary to Indiana Limestone. The surface of the stone has fine natural texture. This stone accentuates sophistication in contemporary landscape projects,

This stone is available in a variety of products such as Pavers, Copings, Wall Copings, Bullnose Pool Copings, Cobbles, Tiles, etc.

The other popular name for this stone is Kota Yellow, Shahbad Yellow, Landauer Yellow.

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Disclaimer: Variation in color & texture is a property of all natural stone products. We recommend review of few samples before purchase.


Available as Paver, Copings, Pool Copings, Cobbles, and Tiles


Product Th. (Inch) Th. (mm)
Paver 1.25″ 30 mm
Copings 2″ 50 mm
Pool Copings 2″ 50 mm
Cobbles 2″ 50 mm
Tiles 3/4″ 19mm


Product Edges
Paver Sawn
Copings Rockcut
Pool Copings Bullnose
Cobbles Sawn

Sizes (Inch)

Product Size (Inch)
Paver 24×36″, 24×24″, 18×24″, 12×24″, 12×18″, 12×12″
Copings 48″ long x 12″, 14″, 16″ wide
Pool Copings 48″, 72″ long x 12″, 16″ wide
Cobbles French Pattern – 24×16″, 16×16″, 16×8″ & 8×8″
Tiles 12×24” & 12×12”

Sizes (mm)

Product Size (mm)
Paver 600×900, 600×600, 450×600, 300×600, 450×300, 300×300
Copings 1200 long x 300, 350 & 400 wide
Pool Copings 1200, 1800 long x 300,  400 wide
Cobbles French Pattern 600×400, 400×400, 400×200, 200×200
Tiles 304.8×609.6 & 304.8×304.8


Product Stone Surface Bottom Edges
Paver Limestone Natural Calibrated Sawn
Copings Limestone Natural Calibrated Rockcut
Pool Copings Limestone Natural Calibrated Bullnose
Cobbles Limestone Natural & tumbled Calibrated Sawn