This color has great variation, in tones of white, brown veins and fossil prints. The natural fossil effect gives a unique beauty to this stone.

Fossil has great variations of tomes from white to light cream to medium beige. The color pallet of these shades has an interesting mix of variations of complementary colors. The surface of the stone has a fine natural texture which is friendly to bare feet.The stone has natural impressions of fossil prints, leaf prints, and other natural veins. Due to impressions of fossil prints – this stone has its own “wow factor”.  This stone creates a most mesmerizing landscape for a residential landscape project. This is a very complimentary stone to architectural Indiana Limestone.

This stone is available in a variety of products such as Pavers, Tumbled Pavers, Copings, Wall Copings, Bullnose Pool Copings, Pier Caps, Cobbles, Steps, Tiles, etc.

The other popular name for this stone is Banas Fossil, Mint Fossil, Tint Mint, Gwalior Mint.

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Disclaimer: Variation in color & texture is a property of all natural stone products. We recommend review of few samples before purchase.


Available as Paver, Copings, Pool Copings, Steps, Caps, Tiles, Edge Copings, Pier Caps, Random, and Circle Sets


ProductTh. (Inch)Th. (mm)
Paver1.25″ & 1″30 mm & 22 mm
Copings2″50 mm
Pool Copings2″50 mm
Steps6″150 mm
Caps2″ & 3″50 mm & 70 mm
Edge Copings1.25″31.75mm
Pier Caps2″, 3″50.8mm & 76.2mm
Circle Sets1.25″31.75mm


PaverSawn, Rockcut
Pool CopingsBullnose

Sizes (Inch)

ProductSize (Inch)
Paver24×36″, 24×24″, 18×24″, 12×24″, 12×18″, 12×12″
Copings48″, 60″, 72″ long x 12″, 14″, 16″ wide
Pool Copings48″, 72″ long x 12″, 16″ wide
Steps48″,60″, 72″ long x 16″ wide
Caps21″x21″, 24″x24″, 36″x36″
Tiles12×24” & 12×12”
Edge Copings12” wide x 48” long 
Pier Caps1×21”, 24×24”, 30×30”, 36×36”
Circle Sets72”, 84”, 96”, 120” Diameter 


Sizes (mm)

ProductSize (mm)
Paver600×900, 600×600, 450×600, 300×600, 450×300, 300×300
Copings1200, 1500, 1800 long x 300, 350 & 400 wide
Pool Copings1200, 1800 long x 300,  400 wide
Steps1200, 1500, 1800 long x 400 wide
Caps525×525, 600×600, 900×900
Tiles304.8×609.6 & 304.8×304.8
Edge Copings304.8 wide x 1219 long 
Pier Caps25.4×533.4, 609.6×609.6, 762×762, 914.4×914.4
Circle Sets1829, 2134, 2438, 3048 Diameter 



PaverSandstoneNaturalCalibratedSawn, Rockcut
Pool CopingsSandstoneNaturalCalibratedBullnose