Saga is quartzite sandstone with a medium to dark shades of Gray & Beige colors. The surface of the stone has moderate to heavy natural texture. Saga has natural striping that creates intriguing designs. Due to the range of color shades of this stone – it is a very popular choice when you want your hardscape to be bold, colorful and creative. If you are looking for a suitable stone for “country landscape theme” – Saga is the stone to go with.

This stone is available in a variety of products such as Pavers, Tumbled Pavers, Copings, Wall Copings, Pier Caps, Steps, etc.

The other popular name for this stone is Sagar Black, Imperial Black.

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Disclaimer: Variation in color & texture is a property of all natural stone products. We recommend review of few samples before purchase.


Available as Paver, Copings, Pool Copings, Steps, Caps and Pier Caps


 Th. (Inch)Th. (mm)
Paver1.25″ & 1″30 mm & 22 mm
Copings2″50 mm
Pool Copings2″50 mm
Steps6″150 mm
Caps2″ & 3″50 mm & 70 mm
Pier Caps2″, 3″50.8mm & 76.2mm



PaverSawn, Rockcut
Pool CopingsBullnose

Sizes (Inch)

ProductSize (Inches)
Paver24×36″, 24×24″, 18×24″, 12×24″, 12×18″, 12×12″
Copings48″ long x 12″, 14″, 16″ wide
Pool Copings48″ long x 12″, 16″ wide
Steps48″,60″, 72″ long x 16″ wide
Caps21″x21″, 24″x24″, 36″x36″
Pier Caps1×21”, 24×24”, 30×30”, 36×36”

Sizes (mm)

ProductSize (mm)
Paver600×900, 600×600, 450×600, 300×600, 450×300, 300×300
Copings1200 long x 300, 350 & 400 wide
Pool Copings1200 long x 300,  400 wide
Steps1200, 1500, 1800 long x 400 wide
Caps525×525, 600×600, 900×900
Pier Caps25.4×533.4, 609.6×609.6, 762×762, 914.4×914.4


PaverNaturalCalibratedSawn, Rockcut
Pool CopingsNaturalCalibratedBullnose