Global Arch is Re-branding to STONEarch!

Global Arch Inc is the supplier of “premium landscaping stones”. To celebrate it’s 15 plus years in business, Global Arch Inc is rebranding to STONEarch. Global Arch’s core values, commitment to quality, and exceptional service will be unchanged. The new brand – STONEarch – is launched with a brand new logo, new presence, and a new website –

Arun and Neera continue to lead STONEarch, along with support from the rest of the Global Arch team – Canada’s most trusted stone vendor. STONEarch offers a fresh look and is better positioned than the original Global Arch for the North American Landscape Industry. STONEarch comes with a commitment to exceptional service, continued and improved product quality, a set of new product ranges, and a fresh growth plan. STONEarch will offer Canadian landscape architects, landscape contractors, landscape designers, estate home builders and landscape stone dealers with a fresh product range that is modern, innovative, and in-line with latest design trends in landscape & construction.

The industry and customers across all segments have been starving for a new product range, and STONEarch is committed to revitalizing the natural stone industry, which has been dealing with sluggish & stagnant products over and over again. The fresh breath of air to the company and the launch of the new brand, are also coming with new goals to optimize company operations, processes, and tools. Offering brand new product range of pavers, copings, steps, copings, curbs in a variety of new stone colors and finishes will help elevate STONEarch to new heights.

STONEarch has received extremely positive reviews from clients who have utilized their services. “I am blown away by all the new products” and “I never expected that landscaping stone business can go to that level” are just a few. With gratitude to Global Arch Inc’s current customers, vendors, and dealers, STONEarch is ready! We are inviting you to join us on a journey to revitalize the Natural Stone and Landscape industry. Contact us for Early-Bird 2018 Pricing, Product, and FREE SHIPPING specials!

Your STONEarch team

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